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Our company provides customs services and customs brokerage services. The principal business of our company is customs clearance of goods. We try to provide to our customers the full range of services including the customs procedures and organization of cargo delivery. All services may be provided separately or on curb-to-curb basis.

"GRAND CUSTOMS COMPANY" company proposes the full range of services:

  • Customs representative (broker) services fro analysis of documentation and compilation of full package of documents for customs clearance;
  • Customs clearance of export and import cargoes;
  • Customs clearance of consolidated cargoes;
  • Execution of excisable goods;
  • Monitoring of entrance prices and customs payments;
  • Monitoring of customs fees payable;
  • Calculation of cost of customs clearance and optimization thereof in accordance with the customs law of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Collection and preparation of documents for customs clearance;
  • Container and non-container cargoes (ship bill of lading lots);
  • Customs clearance of complex cargoes under one code (multiunit delivery, process lines, production equipment);
  • Customs clearance for declared value under direct contracts;
  • Customs clearance services at organization of road and r/w transportation of cargo;
  • Preparation and execution of required documents: declarations, certificates;
  • Provision of services in veterinary, phytosanitary and other types of state control in relation to the declared goods;
  • Representation services for consignee during customs inspection;
  • Customs and brokerage services for account of declared goods and transport vehicles;
  • Provision of services in development of special schemes of customs clearance for large members of FEA (including at cooperation with customs authorities).
  • Goods certification services, namely obtaining of certificates of conformity, health certificate, etc. And obtaining of other permissions.

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Expertise for determination of FEACN code confirming the accuracy and compliance of goods classification through researches. FEACN code (foreign economic activity commodity nomenclature) is given to each good and is used at customs procedures (obtaining of declarations, payment of customs fees) for identification of goods.

FEACN code expertise is performed if it is necessary:

  • To ascertain the condition of goods (properties, amount, package) at transfer to storehouse at the customs territory;
  • To ascertain the country of origin of the goods;
  • To define the cost of products for customs purpose;
  • To ascertain the quality and quantity of goods;
  • To to define of technical parameters of goods and equipment for rating as being used;
  • To examine documents for FEA;

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Our company owns the road vehicles - container trucks and eighteen-wheelers with capacity of 20 tons. These vehicle are ideal for efficient bulk transportations and transportation of various commodity groups - from household appliances and construction materials to foodstuff. Our vehicles are regularly serviced and are in excellent condition.

Forwarding includes the development of optimal route and cargo escorting along whole route of road transport. The forwarding agent ensures the security of entrusted goods and high material velocity. The specialist solves all problems that may arise along the route

Our company is staffed completely with handling loaders. Vehicles are loaded using the special equipment, speeding up the process and minimizing the risk of goods damage. To establish interrupted transportation flow the Logistics Manager shall have the update information on location of vehicle transporting the cargo. Traffic control enables to monitor the current route and to forecast to high precision the time of goods arrival.

Also the company organizes multimedia international transportation of cargo, forwarding of cargo both imported and exported from the Republic of Uzbekistan. Thus, we ensure the timely delivery of required cargo with minimum costs.

Are you need a vehicle? Are you looking for curtain-sided vehicle, refrigerator or other type of vehicle? Our specialists will help you to define the optimum route for garco transportation and to calculate the costs.


I am mush satisfied with the services of the company. I was surprised with terms of customs clearance, it is immediately obvious that it is work of professionals. Hopefully for our longer cooperation.


The company has recommended itself to be very responsible customs broker. Our management was satisfied and now we are the loyal customers of "GRAND CUSTOMS COMPANY".


Upon the recommendation of our partners we has referred to "GRAND CUSTOMS COMPANY” LLC for execution of transport and forwarding services for our cargo containers. We were pleased with work of managers, and the whole staff. The work was done well and in time.